ขอเชิญร่วมบุญ บริจาคสร้างอาคารสำนักงานวิทยาลัยสงฆ์อุทัยธานี


  1. Amman Arab college circles is a Jordanian moot institute of forward-looking education, located upon Jordan Street, Mubis-Amman. Amman Arab university (AAU) was founded in 1997 under
    the later Education Council No. (1476) on 24/11/1997 as a non-profit private college circles specialized in graduate studies
    below the publish Amman Arab university circles for Graduate Studies,
    and thereby became the first academic world in Jordan that
    offers graduate programs leading to Master’s Degrees,
    and Doctoral Degrees. on 30/9/1998 the later Education Council gave attain for
    the the academy to begin energetic taking
    into account the unmodified No. (1625). Academic
    operation started in the coming on of the Second Semester of the academic
    year 1999/2000. One of Jordanian Private Universites

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